Monday, July 30, 2012

Projekt Badass II vs Digga Deepa (The mob formerly known as "Free XP Weekend")

    This last weekend we had a handful of games in a effort to get our digga player caught up in the campaign. He was coming fresh off a pretty clean win against the scorcha boyz while I had just lost to the same mob. I had the lower mob rating (though only just) so the scenario was We Wuz 'Ere first. I won the deployment roll and ceded the first turn to the diggas, who used tentatively inched forward and de-assed some yoofs to pick up scrap (not pictured for some reason, though I know I photographed it). 
Shpeshal K gears up with Tuurbo and Boogaloo Shrimp to rush one of the digga transports

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Conversion: Warbike with Sidecar

    Years ago when writing up "special" gubbinz for Da Race Tru Mek Town I came across some rules online for sidecars and, ever since, have thought about converting one. Well, this last week I noticed my brother had some spare bitz left over (notably a side armor plate) and I still had two partially constructed bikes that were specifically set aside for conversion work. So.... Seeing as conditions were ideal.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Mektown Nights Scenario Test

    Due to time constraints with the actual campaign starting as well as real life schedule issues testing the new scenarios I posted about a month ago was put on the back burner. Since we had some spare time before the game on Saturday Pat and myself did a quick run through of Mektown Nights.
The mobs deploy and Pat reaches for a Jimmy John's cup

Battle Report: Projekt Badass II faces off against Slavers and the Burna Boyz

    But not at the same time (that's the kind of action you'd have to pay extra for and well, I'm poor). Anyway, last Friday Kris, Pat and myself each got two games in to catch up with the current board leaders (Paul, Tom, and John). Unfortunately I wasn't very diligent with the camera so this combined writeup won't be very detailed. Anyway, the first game was myself v. Pat's slaver mob.

Tuurrbo 2.0 speeds around the right flank to snag some scrap

Friday, July 6, 2012


Go into the posts section there is a draft version of a post where I uploaded the photos you took, add your commentary as you see fit and then submit it.