Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spores of Anarchy

Apropos of the earlier post regarding models, if you are thinking of doing scratch building this is example of what I would agree to; Spores of Anarchy. Some over-the-top modelling skills there, if ever I saw some. Fish about a little on the Web, there is a ton of inspiration out there.

GorkaMorka League rules

     I will be acting as the administrator of the GorkaMorka campaign and I will be the guy who does the background BS to most of this campaign so I will also exercise my POWERS (thunder and lighting and trumpets blaring, FOOLS! Never give a Grot any power!) by laying down some rules. These are open to discussion as long as you agree entirely with me and don't want to change anything.

PLAYER RESPOSIBILITIES     All players will be required to have a ruleset  and a current Mob list with them when they appear for a game, they will also need to have any additional rule-books that their Mob may require (e.g. Digganob if you are playing Grots, Diggas or Muties). Failure to comply will result in forfieting the game. Players will also be required to have a good working understanding of the rules, not rules-lawyeish but a good understanding. BTW rules lawyering is frowned upon by myself and is unlikely to be rewarded, don't go there if you what is good for you. I can provide copies of the rules to players at the start of the campaign but I won't replace copies later on.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Grot Mob

     I am still working out the details of my Grot Mob, I am torn between going for maximum head-count or topping out on quality (?????). Another option that I have been exploring is to load up on enough snots to ensure that the Big Lugga can outrun the usual Orky vehicles and then filling in the rest of the roster with maxed-out Grots (shootas, 2xchoppas and grenades). In the mean time here is some of my inventory of Grots and vehicles.
My Mob's first ride, the Sand Skate.
 It lived a charmed life in the last campaign never getting blown up. I can only hope for such luck again

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Like I don't Have enough to do

     OK I am nuts, but I have decided to bring together all of my Gorka Morka stuff onto one page to keep it from overwhelming my wargaming blog and to provide a place for people that don't want to be bothered with all the regular wargaming stuff.  This will be the place where I post the progress of our GorkaMorka campaign, recounting the stories of great victories and shameful defeats, listing the growing mobs and their vehicles and providing pictures of our games. I plan on using at least one day a month for GorkaMorka, perhaps more if time allows, perhaps Sunday afternoon/evening if that works for everybody. We now have tons of buildings and terrain to work with and I can set up my game room to run two games at a time and we can get off to a good start.

    I will outlining my strategy and my mob's organization in the next post or so, along with the "Leege Roolz". So far under consideration is a lowering of the power of twin-linked heavy shootas and a slowing down of character improvement, as well as a massive increase in Grot weapon power and shootiness as well as upgrades for Grot strength and ballistic skill...and...and ...and....