Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Grot Mob

     I am still working out the details of my Grot Mob, I am torn between going for maximum head-count or topping out on quality (?????). Another option that I have been exploring is to load up on enough snots to ensure that the Big Lugga can outrun the usual Orky vehicles and then filling in the rest of the roster with maxed-out Grots (shootas, 2xchoppas and grenades). In the mean time here is some of my inventory of Grots and vehicles.
My Mob's first ride, the Sand Skate.
 It lived a charmed life in the last campaign never getting blown up. I can only hope for such luck again

The Skate with some crew

I just love the gleeful maliciousness of the GW Grots

Nasty dangerous maniacs, but how can you not love 'em?

Data on the bottom of the base, no back'n'forth between the roster and the model

The larger Sand Snake was a cursed vehicle, it had a habit of blowing up and killing crew.

But, it looked so COOL

I built this Big Lugga in an effort to get enough space
for my whole mob at the end of the last campaign, they just fit

It was quite a beast

Everybody got to ride (well actually the Snots got to work the crank but, hey, they weren't walking)

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