Sunday, April 29, 2012

GorkaMorka League rules

     I will be acting as the administrator of the GorkaMorka campaign and I will be the guy who does the background BS to most of this campaign so I will also exercise my POWERS (thunder and lighting and trumpets blaring, FOOLS! Never give a Grot any power!) by laying down some rules. These are open to discussion as long as you agree entirely with me and don't want to change anything.

PLAYER RESPOSIBILITIES     All players will be required to have a ruleset  and a current Mob list with them when they appear for a game, they will also need to have any additional rule-books that their Mob may require (e.g. Digganob if you are playing Grots, Diggas or Muties). Failure to comply will result in forfieting the game. Players will also be required to have a good working understanding of the rules, not rules-lawyeish but a good understanding. BTW rules lawyering is frowned upon by myself and is unlikely to be rewarded, don't go there if you what is good for you. I can provide copies of the rules to players at the start of the campaign but I won't replace copies later on.

    Minis and models; all players must be able to put on the table models that accurately represent their characters and vehicles. Minor differences may be allowed but Orks have to be Orks, Grots have to be Grots and the Diggas can wish they wuz green too, but, (poor things) they still have to be Diggas. Some application of paint beyond primer is also required. Conversions and scratch built models will have to be presented to ME for approval, so you may wish to speak with me first before you go off on some modelling project. I will probably allow anything that stays tightly within the ethos of the artwork in the rule books, If you show up with Catachans pretending to be Diggas and some re-purposed Shermans claiming to be Truks you will be SHUNNED and RIDICULED as fits such impertinence. You simply WILL NOT be allowed to play. I don't mean to be a dick about this but the spirit of the game must be maintained and the models go a very long way to making that happen. That and I spent a lot of time building special terrain and a pile of buildings to support this project so I am disinclined to tarnish the look by having inappropriate models gumming up the table.

     Each player will submit to me their mob list before the beginning of the campaign. I can provide extra copies of the form for anyone needing one. These must be clearly written and the math must be right (Yup, I will spot-check; after the issues with budgets in the Daftrica campaign I have become a suspicious cynic). If your handwriting is bad I can show you how to set up a table in MSWord or similar programs so that you can create a legible list (in fact, if someone with mad computer skills wished to go to that effort and publish it to everyone here Gork and Mork may veiw you favorably). After each set of games the players will submit an updated Mob List and give me the old one, this way we can keep a record of our heroes activities. On the back of each Mob List the player will record the names of the Mobs he has fought and any significant achievements; scrap recovered, names of enemies KO or killed, amusing asides (such as the time I managed to get six of my grots together under an enemy flamer template, OUCH!) etc. They are also encouraged to submit an heroic accounting of their battles, written in the most florid of terms or course, to be published on these hallowed pages.

     I am sure that I will be instating more rules later, mostly limiting the too-rapid improvement allowed under the rules, but that is all I can think of now.


  1. I might still have it in my email somewhere but Dan might also be able to dig up the excel roster template we used the last time.

  2. Excellent! It would be mmost appreciated

  3. Hey I got lots of Orkys and other little green things. How do I sign up for this campaign....