Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Like I don't Have enough to do

     OK I am nuts, but I have decided to bring together all of my Gorka Morka stuff onto one page to keep it from overwhelming my wargaming blog and to provide a place for people that don't want to be bothered with all the regular wargaming stuff.  This will be the place where I post the progress of our GorkaMorka campaign, recounting the stories of great victories and shameful defeats, listing the growing mobs and their vehicles and providing pictures of our games. I plan on using at least one day a month for GorkaMorka, perhaps more if time allows, perhaps Sunday afternoon/evening if that works for everybody. We now have tons of buildings and terrain to work with and I can set up my game room to run two games at a time and we can get off to a good start.

    I will outlining my strategy and my mob's organization in the next post or so, along with the "Leege Roolz". So far under consideration is a lowering of the power of twin-linked heavy shootas and a slowing down of character improvement, as well as a massive increase in Grot weapon power and shootiness as well as upgrades for Grot strength and ballistic skill...and...and ...and....

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