Monday, July 9, 2012

Battle Report: Projekt Badass II faces off against Slavers and the Burna Boyz

    But not at the same time (that's the kind of action you'd have to pay extra for and well, I'm poor). Anyway, last Friday Kris, Pat and myself each got two games in to catch up with the current board leaders (Paul, Tom, and John). Unfortunately I wasn't very diligent with the camera so this combined writeup won't be very detailed. Anyway, the first game was myself v. Pat's slaver mob.

Tuurrbo 2.0 speeds around the right flank to snag some scrap

Nob Shpeshal K moves aggressively up the center to employ some recently purchased krak stiks on Pat's trak while the Orkistad drops a boy and a grot to shag scrap

Boogaloo Shrimp moves around the left flank

and gives the truk a taste of some krak for no effect

before moving in to assist Shpeshal K with the trak

The Orkistad cruises the dunes while the remainder the trak deals with the entirety of the Boogaloo
Spanner Tuurrbo 2.0 and yoof Shabba-Do make for the edge of the table with the scrap when the bike is crippled from a ram
   At this point I apparently forgot to take more pictures, but the fight didn't go on much longer. Pat's trak had finally taken significant damage to the wheels and lost its gun, so he moved both off the table (carrying 2 pieces of scrap) in a effort to keep them from taking further damage leaving but a single grot on the table with the final piece of scrap in hand. In the game's final turn I managed to thrust Boogaloo Shrimp into shooting position and promptly down the poor grot just before he could escape off the edge of the table, netting me 4 pieces of scrap and the victory (although only just).
     All in all a very close game that could have easily been much more one sided had the dice fallen only slightly differently. Neither my nob or Boogaloo Shrimp seemed capable of damaging the trak that they kept hitting (despite not running out a ammo, a stunning accomplishment for my mob) with krak stiks (I kept rolling 1's on the crew table, which is basically worthless) and Pat's trak was only armed with st4 twin linked shootas, which had difficulty hitting and penetrating the bikes. Despite causing no casualties both mobs racked up quite a bit of experience, with my nob and Boogaloo Shrimp each picking up two advances and enough money to get a fifth bike.

    Next I played Kris and the Burna Boyz.
Boogaloo Shrimp dances, inside the flame!

Ozone lines up for a shot on the scorcha truk

Sugarfoot promptly runs out of ammo on his first shot, since I couldn't afford to get loadsa ammo

Shpeshal K and Boogaloo Shrimp occupy both of the Burna Boyz vehicles, causing little in the way of damage with their krak stiks

Ozone and Tuurrbo 2.0 move in to assist 

Shabba-Do remounts a bike with some scrap

An overview of the game just before I bottle out
    We forgot to photograph it, but just after this Boogaloo Shrimp took a hit from the scorcha and both him and new yoof Dee Jay went out of action causing me to bottle out (despite my nob having a leadership of 9 I bodged the very first bottle test). In summary, the game was lost largely because of my extremely poor dice rolling. I hit Kris's Scorcha truk at least half a dozen times and all I managed to do was take his nob out of action. Every hit seemed to hit the crew or just cause the vehicle to swerve.
    In hindsight I did forget that my nob had the Kool skill which would have allowed him to target the engine, wheels, or fixed weapon (disabling any one of these would have severely hurt Kris's ability to damage my bikes). It would have made little difference however, since Shpeshal K failed to do significant damage to the locations that he did hit and penetrate (Boogaloo Shrimp was the one who managed to take out Kris's nob).
    Despite the disappointing loss to Kris's Burna Boyz I'm convinced my aggressive krak stik spam strategy is a sound one that is only foiled by my inability to get even average results on the vehicle damage tables. Both of my opponents agreed that the st6 360 degree attack from a fast moving, hard to hit, target was a pretty significant force multiplier. 

Edit: Sorry to any who were trying to read this post in the last five minutes but, for whatever reason, there were several sections whited out in the post for no reason and, despite my attempts to reformat them in the edit section, I had to make a whole new post. 

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