Monday, July 30, 2012

Projekt Badass II vs Digga Deepa (The mob formerly known as "Free XP Weekend")

    This last weekend we had a handful of games in a effort to get our digga player caught up in the campaign. He was coming fresh off a pretty clean win against the scorcha boyz while I had just lost to the same mob. I had the lower mob rating (though only just) so the scenario was We Wuz 'Ere first. I won the deployment roll and ceded the first turn to the diggas, who used tentatively inched forward and de-assed some yoofs to pick up scrap (not pictured for some reason, though I know I photographed it). 
Shpeshal K gears up with Tuurbo and Boogaloo Shrimp to rush one of the digga transports

Shabba Do gets dropped off to shag scrap.

End of my turn 1. I passed the majority of my thrust tests and managed to get a penetrating hit to the trak's engine, causing it to lose gas engines
Digga shaman grabs some scrap before scurrying back into the safety of the trak

The digga truk attempts to ram ozone on its way to some scrap
Ozone turns around to feed the digga truk more krak stiks
My banna wava lines up to grab some scrap after machine gunning a digga yoof. In the distance you can see Boogaloo shrimp doing the same to the Digga Loota, who is too stupid to move off the table.
On the other side of the table things have gone sideways, my nob is shot off his bike and laying helpless in the sand.
Ozone and Tuurbo follow behind the digga trak, continuing to pummel it with krak stiks and machine gunning the helpless digga nob
The digga truk thrusts off abandoning the nob.

Boogaloo Shrimp moves in on the other digga trak to distract it from, now flesh wounded, Shpeshal K
The hideous and riderless "digga bike" moves discretely around the far corner of the table, securing what would ultimately be the only piece of digga scrap for the day
Boogaloo Shrimp continues to pummel the digga trak with krak stiks, successfully removing the piece of captured scrap from it.
The digga nob takes yet more twin linked shoota fire.

While Ozone chases the limping digga trak to the edge of the board
Shpeshal takes cover behind a sand dune before the Diggas voluntarily bottle 
    This turned out to be a pretty solid win for me. I managed to roll average for once in this campaign and remembered to utilize my know wots (most notably Kool, which was responsible for knocking out the gas engines on Mike's trak early on) for a change. In fact this wasn't all that dissimilar from my game against the slavers in which all of my mob spent the game singling out one of my opponent's vehicles, except this time it worked (thanks to a bit of decent dice rolling). Sorry we forgot to take an overhead picture of deployment, we were trying to get in as many games as we could and we forgot to be diligent with the camera (which is why many of the pictures are poorly framed/focused).

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