Saturday, July 28, 2012

Conversion: Warbike with Sidecar

    Years ago when writing up "special" gubbinz for Da Race Tru Mek Town I came across some rules online for sidecars and, ever since, have thought about converting one. Well, this last week I noticed my brother had some spare bitz left over (notably a side armor plate) and I still had two partially constructed bikes that were specifically set aside for conversion work. So.... Seeing as conditions were ideal.

Both driver and gunner are removable for use elsewhere
    The only spare bitz required for the car itself is a armor plate from a truk for the front and the front wheel from a trak. The bottom is a piece of balsa with window screen over it and the rest is card stock. The eavy shoota is just a boy with an eavy shoota off a deff dread. If I get the cash in the current campaign it will be a proxy for a trak.

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