Monday, July 9, 2012

Mektown Nights Scenario Test

    Due to time constraints with the actual campaign starting as well as real life schedule issues testing the new scenarios I posted about a month ago was put on the back burner. Since we had some spare time before the game on Saturday Pat and myself did a quick run through of Mektown Nights.
The mobs deploy and Pat reaches for a Jimmy John's cup

The Boogaloo faces a serious problem with their movement being heavily constrained by the tight quarters

The Orkistad thrusts toward the scrap filled mekshop

While he sends to grots to high ground to provide covering fire

Projekt Badass moves down the street, being careful to stay out of range of the Poon Gun. 

Shpeshal K lines up to move through one of the alleys

and promptly fails a thrust turn, runs into a building, blows up his bike, and dies

Boogaloo Shrimp races alongside the slaver trak and begins tossing krak grenades

Shabba Do dismounts and makes for the mekshop

Tuurrbo 2.0 gets rammed and the bike gets crippled

A boy successfully boards Ozone's bike

Only to be shot off by friendly fire in the shooting phase

The slavers de-ass the truk (who has lost its gas engines from a krak grenade hit)

The trak attempts to ram my new bike while Ozone rams his bike into the mek shop wall

The Orkistad attempts to thrust turn around and clips a building

On cue the trak attempts the same move and promptly hits another building

The final turn before I bottle out
    If it wasn't obvious from the pictures, I got rolled. In hindsight I probably would've been better off deploying down the short road so Pat wasn't lined up to ram my entire mob in one turn, but I doubt it would've made a huge difference since I had to cross the main street to get inside the mekshop anyway. That and thrust turning through the alleys with my nob was a bad choice that was paid for immediately.
   All in all, both Pat and myself thought the scenario was a good, even if neither of us thought that this was a particularly representative example of how it should be played (i.e. staying on a vehicle while it tries to maneuver through the alleys is very stupid).

Sidenote: I increased the width of the blog to accommodate X-Large pictures. If that's causing problems with anyone tell me and I'll switch it back. 


  1. "and promptly fails a thrust turn, runs into a building, blows up his bike, and dies"

    Best. Line. Ever.

  2. Great after action report. Looks like a great scenrio to play. Not problem witht the Band width for me.