Wednesday, June 20, 2012

'Eroes uv da Revolooshun go to Pummel-City

   Well, to be truthful, we were taken there against our will. Twice. The indignity! Sorry, no photos on my end, I forgot to recharge the batteries in the camera. Paul, if any of the pix you took worked out please feel free to post them here.

   I played Tom's mob first. The "newly castrated" 'Eavy Shoota still managed to destroy my Lugga in one blast and tossed my strategery completely out the window. On the upside, while Tom was busy gunning down (and generally kicking the poo out of) the Lugga crew my two 'cuttas snuck around and grabbed some skrap before I had to bottle out.

   The downside was that I had four guys down at the end of the game and one of them was a "coup-de-gras" on my Head Honcho. There was some anxious moments in the after game recovery phase but my HH got away clean (left for dead?) but two of my Grotz (#3 and #4) were captured as was the wreckage of the Lugga! I managed to bribe Tom into returning one of the Grotz and he abandoned the wreckage allowing me to recover it as well ( it took the "multiple damage" result on the after battle recovery phase and then I rolled a six so there were six things wrong with it!!

   It was a fun game but I am afraid that I just made Tom's mob a monster due to all the experience he got crushing me mob!

   The next guy to put my head in the grinder was Paul. I had revamped my force, selling off the wreck of the Lugga and buying another 'cutta to stay mobile and another Grot (to keep up numbers if nothing else)  used up all my teef. This battle showed that numbers and better use of terrain can help a lot. I still got knocked about (yes the Head Honcho went down and out, again; he may not be much of a leader but he isn't afraid of being out front on the cutting -and bleeding- edge) but I got off with fewer losses and more skrap.

   The biggest problem that I had was that the wind was both against me and was weak, making most of my moves shorter than they would have been if I were enitrely on foot. On the other hand, going downwind when hauling away skrap (and wounded leaders) is a plus! I had wondered what to do with all the now unemplyed Snotz (they were only there to crank the Lugga along) but it turned out that a mob of seven guys with strength four crossbows can dominate a section of tabletop fairly well. They also can be used to gather skrap while the Grotz try to fight the Orkz.

     I may not be getting rich on skrap but my mob is inching forward on experience alone.

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