Friday, June 22, 2012

John V Dan

     The 'Eroes uv da Revolooshun encountered the Elektrik Boogaloo on the dusty plains of GorkaMorka, we had fought these fellows before and knew it would not be an easy time, particularly without any heavy vehickles (our Lugga having been detroyed a few fights back). We were cheered by the knowledge that our last encounter had eneded in our favor and that we now had three relatively fast cuttas to get us around.

      The fight was "We wuz 'ere furst", from the beginning things went badly for the 'Eroes, the wind was weak and the direction against us. The first two moves the 'Eroes moved a grand total of two inches! This put a real cramp in our plan as the Boogaloo were moving along quite well.

the cutta fleet moves out (ever so slowly)

while the Boogaloo were boogie-ing along

they opened fire on the Head Honcho's cutta damaging the mast

on the other flank one of my Krak grenades went wide of its target 
 while one of the Snots legged it toward a bit of skrap

in the center the Nob closed in on the skrap and dropped off his yoof

the two bikes continued to pummel the damaged cutta from outside grenade range

every once in a while I caught a break due to Dan's bad die-rolling

but still, many of my boyz ended up face-down in a pool of green blood

this is what we think the "Uge Oles" damage result really means

things were looking bad, Grotz and Snotz dropping like flies,
cuttas getting more damage every turn,
desperate times call for desperate measures!

so desperate measures it was!
Ramming Speed!!!!!

I got lucky and rolled max damage on the bike (six hits)
and then rolled this; a hit on every part of the bike

it suffered serious damage and wounded and downed the driver
but some quick-thinking and a good die-roll by the yoof on the back
 meant he managed to take control opf the striken bike

I didn't get away free, every Grot on the cutta was pinned and one was injured,
meanwhile a grot dismounted from the big cutta to help the Banna Wava and his pionned friend recover

the bike's driver remained down

unpinning attempts failed and the Nob blasting the big cutta
things were not going well in the center 

and just then everybody in the "Crossbow Club" ran out of ammo
(that is the red markers under the bases)

on the left the Head Honcho and company tried to keep up a firefiight with the bikes
 but slowly went out of ammo,
the "Never Enuf Bullets" rule was KILLING me this game

the yoof picked up his wounded driver and blazed away at the impudent cutta

one of the downed Grotz finally got back on his feet

the sustained fire from the bikes finally immobilized the cutta,
just as everybody onboard ran out of ammo (even grenades!)

things were going from bad to worse for the 'Eroes

the damaged bike took advatage of my ability to move upwind and moved just out of range

the skrap was finally in hand but the Banna Wava would not get up!

meantime the yoofs werte collecting the goods

the bikers, realizing that the crew of the cutta was harmless,
 decided to ignore them and go looking for bigger fish to fry

the bikes sweep past the now powerless Honcho

taking advantage of their manpower the Grotz reversed direction of all thier vehicles
to be ready to move off the next turn

while the Honcho legged it to safety

the one bit of skrap was loaded ready to go

bad dice rolling, combined with multiple holes in sails reduced movement to a crawl

at the last moment, just before leaving the table,
 the one bit of skrap was shot off of the cutta by a "gubbins" hit,
leaving me with nothing to show for the blood that was shed


  1. I was bailed out in a major way by loadsa ammo. If I recall correctly 3 of my 4 bikes would've run out of ammo by the second round of shooting had I not bought it. Also, if you look closely, all of my bikes have failed at least one test by the end of the game (although only one actually ran out).

  2. On the other hand I was crushed by "Never Enuf Bullets" few of my weapons got off two shots without runnning dry. I guess that means I should just go straight into hand-to-hand (yikes!)