Tuesday, June 5, 2012

mike v paul

The start of our we got ere first battle.
  Fortune smiled on The Ork's from In Da Name Uv Krom to begin.

Just a quick brush over of the rules again for both Mike and
Myself before we began.

My Orks made the first move toward a piece of scrap left
near the crescent ridge, followed by a sighting in with our
 mounted rocket launcher.

A direct hit on Mike's driver causing him to pick up a
 flesh wound and forcing his driver to pinned for the turn.
Meanwhile Mike deployed a Yoof to grab an adjacent piece
of scrap.

While Mike attempts to strike with his mounted harpoon gun
his secondary vehicle and Orks are grabbing other near by
scrap unchallenged.

I continue my assault with the mounted rocket launcher and
 scored a direct hit to the gubbins which would have destroyed
his engines.  However his scrap that was placed in the gubbins
compartment absorbed the hit and simply knocked the scrap
out roughly right where he originally picked it up.

As the second vehicles goes to collect another scrap
I decide to go in for a frontal ram with my trak. 

I line up and as i lurch forward Mike is able to maneuver just to the
right in time.  I will add to the rest of the captions soon once I get more
free time

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