Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Waaaagghhh has begun!!!!

     We started the campaign off well with seven of our eight players able to attend, everybody got a game in and Paul got to play in two games. My Grotz did fabulously as always! (pay no attention to the stats, we didn't lose our big lugga and almost everybody got back to base). I am uploading the pictures but it takes time and I have little enough of that.

      If the players would so kind as to email me at daftrica 89 at yahooo dot com I will reply with the sign-in code for the website. That way you can sign in and add commentary to the photos of your games (go to the posts section in the left hand side bar and click on posts, thenhover your cursor over the area under the post title "tom v Pat" and a bit of text will appear such as edit/delete, click on the edit and it will take you to the post and from there itr is just like word. To keep things simple I would ask the the first player providing commentary use normal text whuile the other player uses italics; I find that much easier to read.


  1. I thought it was Paul who played two games

  2. It was myself that played 2 games. FYI i should have the majority of my mob by Wednesday. Looking to get a game in on Wednesday of thats the case.

  3. OK I am an idiot, it is fixed now.