Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kris V John

     Da 'Eroes uv da Revalooshun handed out a major beat-down to the weedy Orkz an 'dere flamy trukk. Once again the fearlessly brave warriors of the Revalooshun faced down the masters of oppression.

The Field of Battle, the brave Grotz spread out to thin the ranks of the sniveling Orkz

the Snots were overenthusiastic and the Lugga overshot it's mark, in the meantime the two cuttas moved to their respective scrap piles and deployed Snots to recover the goods

with one pile of skrap on top of the mountian Snot 6 was faced with an ardous climb

but he marched on for the Glory uv da Revalooshun!

meanwhile his fellows fought and died (well, not really, he is fine now) to defend the skrap that rightfully belongs to da Kommittee

in an attempt to distract the Orky trakk Grot 5 tried to drive around the rocky outcropping, a gust of wind overturned his cutta nd immobilized it and injured him (he is fine now as well, thank you very much)

having gone to far into Orky territory the Grotz decided to leg it back to the skrap and the enemy

this wasn't particularly wise as it disregarded the manouverability of the Trukk
and the shootieness of Orky guns, oh, by the way, there was a Schorcha on the Trukk,
 as my Head Honcho found out the hard way
(he is doing very well too, but don't light a match anywhere near him, he is a bit jumpy still)

with the gang dropping like flies the Boss called it a day and told everybody to head back to the base, Deaf Eddy (also known as Grot 5) didn't get the message and ended up getting captured; dumbass!

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