Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Scenario: While You Wuz' Out

Yet another new scenario, although this time only oddmobs need apply (the kind of weedy folk that would have the nerve squat in a good, 'onest mob's fort). Now featuring licensing!

I have one more scenario in the works (a grot ambush in skid row), but since we presently lack terrain for it I doubt it'll be done in next week or two.  

These rules are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share-Alike license. The rules were written by Daniel Arseneault.


  1. Honest Dan,

    I am quickly approaching the end of the Armored Cruiser project and would be happy to turn my hand (and hot-wire) to a Skid-Row showpiece. What sort of terrain did you have in mind?

    IIRC Ironhands had a downed Imperial corvette on his site. I was thinking something along those lines, perhaps a bit bigger and in two parts.

  2. I was thinking of covering say, 70-80% of the table with large scrap piles separated by tracks for vehicles to drive through. Grots get to deploy on any piece of scrap and can "B'Maso" to other pieces of scrap (as a sort of abstraction of a large array of underground tunnels).

    That said, I was thinking that since we just finished making the proverbial shitload of terrain it may be prudent to hold off a bit before starting a whole new project (especially since I still need to do roofs for some of these buildings. If you're game though, we can hash something out this weekend before/during/after the games.