Thursday, May 10, 2012

Makin' MekTown

     Honest Dan came by a few weeks ago with his foamcore, hot glue gun and a Plan. We were going to build Mektown. It seemed like an easy enough task (let us face it, Ork architechture is hardly detailed and symmetric) so I agreed. What a fool I was, building it was the EASY part, painting it was another matter entirely. So, after several Saturdays spent laboring over this, we are finally done.

      I present to you, MekTown!

Dan made a copy of the Fort from the original game

it has the same floorplan but differs in details

like the use of corrugated metal for roofing and battlements

we used everyday window screening for the walkways

the corrugated comes from the hot-drink sleeves that many party stores offer with their coffee

sprayed with matte-black paint and a heavy dry-brush of steel then silver

behind all that faux-metal beats a heart of foam-core!

the Mek's shop, here is where you get your Truk upgraded

well ventilated shops are a must

'Da Ref also works in the Complaint Department, oddly he is never busy

a nice wide gate for easy access

da Town, actually about half of it,
we still need to fabricate some roofs for the other dozen buildings

anuvver vue uv Da Town

GRAK! yet anuvver vue!

da Grotz gotta live in huts on da edge uv Town

da Gnarliest Nob gets to have da biggest tower

'deres a good feild uv fire frum up here

where did I leave dat Bar?

     We may have exhausted the variations on a simple box-structure with this effort. When we get the remaining roofs finished we should be able to cover almost all of a standard table-top with urban terrain. I am not sure how that will play but it will be fun finding out.


  1. We were developing a set of additional rules for playing Gorkamorka within an urban environment (suitably known as "Da Town"). Unfortunately life got in the way and that stuff is on hold.

    However the difference between playing in a built-up area and the open desert is massive. Shooting is both less effective and more effective. Long range weapons lose some of their advantage but short ranged arms become significantly more useful.

    Our buildings were built to allow walkways between them (and bikers on top of 'em!). My Outlaw MC had some excellent battles against a Dust Rat biker mob that got pretty crazy.

    Anyway, your buildings look excellent!

  2. Wow those reds look bright in the pics. Also are we seriously short a dozen roofs? I thought I cut them to fit as we made the buildings. Some of the off cuts I have in my box here must be roofs and not scrap.

    "We were developing a set of additional rules for playing Gorkamorka within an urban environment (suitably known as "Da Town"). Unfortunately life got in the way and that stuff is on hold."

    I've seen you're stuff on TUGS, and "Da Town" has played a role when trying to think up scenarios to use with the new buildings. Shame it never got off the ground as I would've liked to see the results. The vast majority of these (the exceptions being the fort and the bar, which isn't pictured here) were designed to be used as scenery in a one-off game called "Da Race Tru Mektown" (inspired by the one shown in White Dwarf like a million years ago). Hopefully that'll get done and posted by the end of the summer. Glad you liked our stuff.

    [Sidenote] To whomever changed the background from red to grey, Thank you.

  3. Dan,
    re: sidenote, that was me, I was getting a headache the other day while reading the discussion regarding the rules and it occured to me that any color other than red would be an improvement. The dark gray seems to be workiing for me.

    re: roofs, it looks like most of the missing ones are for the adobe covered buildings, perhaps I missed them, the storage has been a little haphazard during the build process.

    Flamekebab, you mean that my Grotz really do have a ghost of a chance in a town? I might have to pick up some kannon for the extra punch up close, what worries me most is going around a corner and running into an Ork Nob....(shivers). I think my grenade-rich mob might be fun in close-quarters.

  4. As grots the multiple combatants rule is your friend both on foot and on vehicles. Use your numbers to overwhelm your enemies. As with any other mob: play to its strengths. Muties are never going to have the most models on the table, for example, so trying to field a huge mob doesn't really work as one will always be outnumbered.

    Similarly grots are never going to be the 'ardest fighters with the best guns. Better to have as many as possible. Once they've levelled up a bit one can always equip the toughest fighters with better gear. Similarly I'd never give the little guys armour, not when that money could be put towards snots instead. Put them in front of your better fighters as meat shields - shooters always have to go for the nearest target after all!