Sunday, May 20, 2012

Oops, I did it again

     While waiting for the sanding sealer to dry on the new cutta I was sitting around doing nothing much. I began poking through the remaining pile of "useful bits" and a few minutes later I was looking at this little baby;

still needs a sail and some details

OK, and a paint job as well

'Da Boss seems to be happy to send his two favorite Grotz out in this one
(you know, the ones that don't owe him any money)

a steering wheel and a dashboard, what next?

nice roomy cabin, might even get two of the boyz in there

'ya can see fur miles frum up 'ere

and so it begins.......

     It is meant to be a skrap grabba with one Grot and one Snot on board. While the big boyz keep the enemy distracted this one will dash out and grab as much skrap as it can before exiting the table. This should cause a "bottle check" and I get away with as few casualties and as much skrap as I can.  I might just build a few more and go with flood approach.

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