Monday, May 7, 2012

My Grot Mob Part II

     After a lot of thought (OK, actually just on a whim) I decided to redesign my mob. I decided to move away from the firepower based mob of the last campaign (largely because they got their butts kicked on every outing) and go with a more evenly balanced force. This also allows me to reduce the number of figures in my mob (believe it or not running sixteen or more figures can get a bit harried during a game). So here we go, better-balanced and new and improved,

The Grot Mob;

Head Honcho;
Shoota, two choppas, krak grenade, flak armor............17
Banna Waver:
Shoota, two choppas, krak grenade, flak armor.... .......15
'Da Drivva:
slugger, choppa, flak armor, frag grenade......................10
'Eroes 'uv 'Da Revolushun (five 'uv 'em): @9ea
slugger,  choppa, frag grenade, studded armor..............45
'Dem Proles (four 'uv 'em): @2ea
'Da Big Cutta..............................................................5

     I had to go with just one cutta (and thus I am forced to use "Da Big'un"; the cursed Sand Snake) to make it work, although I might just drop one Grot in favor of another cutta and two more Proles. Your helpful suggestions are welcome, the endless razzing for choosing Grots is, of course, expected.

     Feel free to post your mob in the comments section, or send it to me via email and I will post it as an article (it would be even better if you sent photos as well).


  1. I was just glancing at this and noticed something. Your Head Honcho and Banna Waver both have two choppas and a shoota. If they're carrying a two handed weapon such as a kannon, shoota, or bow, they do not get the extra attack a second hand to hand weapon confers, if memory serves.

    Furthermore: stikkbombs have the same profile as choppas in hand to hand combat. There's a slim chance they'll explode, sure, but most of the time they're your average choppa.

    You could be saving quite a lot of teef taking these things into account :)

  2. I caught that too, I creamed off the points to buy one more Grot (for all the good that did me). I am going to do a re-work to up the numbers and buy another cutta.

    My Grots can drop the choppas altogether and go into hand-to-hand with a stikkbomb in one hand and a slugger in the other; that should free up a few more points.

    I can't beleive that I forgot to do my armor saves.....I get the feeling that I might be better off with more Grots and Snots and skip the armor.

    The crossbows did surprisingly well given the apalling BS that the Snots have.

    Much to think about.

    1. I wouldn't bother with the armour, frankly. Most of the time you'll fail your armour save or it'll be negated by something. Also all your warriors have access to the Cunnin' skill table wherein you'll find "Dodgy" that confers a 6+ unmodifiable save (or 5+, or even 4+ if you're fortunate enough!).

      Also I've just noticed that your warriors were technically illegal. Take a look at page 36 of Digganob under "Weapons", second paragraph (easier than me typing it out!).

      I'd probably suggest doing your best to maximise the number of warriors you have. Unlike other mobs you don't have an income penalty for having lots of fighters. Play to your strengths.

      So if it was me (and I had the models) I'd try to field lots of snots, even if they're not armed with anything. Some will die off, others may become awesome fighters and go out in a blaze of glory. More warriors also means fewer Bottle rolls, of course, and faster big lugga movement.

      You've probably thought of this stuff already though, my apologies if I'm patronising you :(

    2. I am always open to suggestions so don't hold back on the advice! I see what you mean about the weapons, I have been badly over-equipping my troops.

      If I read that right I can give them a slugger and a stikkbomb and count them a having two hand-to-hand weapons (no point in adding a choppa as it just burns points). My only question with that set up would be what happens if I go out of ammo (Never Enuf Bullets realy hurt in the last game) with both weapons? Am I back to knives&knucknles at that point?

      I had another list I was working on that had a ton of Snots with crossbows and Grots that were optimized for hand to hand only (six-shoota/choppa) this gave me a tremendous headcount and a decent fire-base. I was counting on the Pilin' On rule to save me in hand-to-hand.

    3. I'm never entirely sure what happens with regards to pistols that run out of ammo. Probably best to decide for yourselves when you guys start your campaign.

      I know in our campaigns every now and again we find we've been playing something incorrectly at which point we change how we do things from then on.

      Knocking off studded armour and the superfluous choppas would mean you could add ten snots to your mob. That could make a hell of a lot more difference than the occasional armour save.

      Pilin' On is great but make sure you use multiple attackers in normal combat too. An additional +1 and an extra attack dice can be very useful. It would mean you could have a Snot with WS +5 (inc. charging bonus of +1) and five attack dice!

      I'd be interested to hear what you learn about playing as them later in the campaign. They're certainly not the standard Orks on trukks!

  3. "I'm never entirely sure what happens with regards to pistols that run out of ammo."

    They can't be used for anything for the remainder of the game, including melee. From page 24 of Da Roolz:

    "If you roll less than the number indicated, the weapon has malfunctioned and is useless for the rest of the game."

    1. I would think the same applies to stikkbombs then; if I lose the use of my six-shoota when I go black that means I lose the hand-to-hand value of the stikkbnomb if I fail an ammo save for it............

      If this is so (and it does seem logical) I may have to reconsider yet again. Knives & knuckles are not not the tools that a Grot wants to face an Ork with.

    2. True but is it likely that you'll run out of ammo on a large enough scale in a normal game?

      This was something I've been taking into account in Necromunda with heavy weapons: how many times am I likely to fire a weapon in any given game?

      Usually I find the number of times to be around 2 - 4 times, depending on the scenario.

      If some of your lads run out of ammo they're still perfectly serviceable as multiple attackers at which point the smaller number of attacks is less of an issue.