Monday, May 14, 2012

Battle Report: Project Badass 2 v Scorcha Boyz

Last weekend we ran a few test games to see how well our mobs worked. I ended up playing John to beta test "While You Wuz Out" and Kris in "We Wuz 'Ere First".

In scenario creation we ended up with six scrap counters and Kris ceded the first turn to me.

I deployed my bikes in a spread and immediately began to circle around the scorcha truk's right flank

Tuurbo fails a thrust test and ends up next to a rock wall

Ozone and yoof Shabba-Doo get singed 
The Scorcha Boyz reacted to my "cleava" movement by ignoring it and thrusting in to try and take out Ozone as he pulled up next to some scrap. Luckily for me Kris failed to do damage and ran out of ammo with two of his crew (not the scorcha, which passed) who tried to took pot shots of their own.

Shabba-Doo drives past....

......Leaving the Scorcha Boyz suddenly facing the wrong direction.
At this point Kris dropped some boyz off to liberate some scrap from the desert.
The scorcha truk gets hit from the back, causing it's driver to go down and swerve into a  nearby rock wall

The poor yoof left out in the open gets shot down by closing bikes

Boogaloo Shrimp and Tuurrbo zoom past after taking scorcha fire.

Shpeshal K and  Ozone continue to dakka up the Scorcha truk, taking out the second driver and causing the Scorcha Boyz to bottle out
Aftermath: The Scorcha Boyz bottled with three boyz down and two scrap counters sitting in the back of the truk (I don't know if Kris checked afterwards to see if they took perm. injuries). Project Badass 2 ended up with no wounds and one bike that took some temp. damage from the scorcha. In hindsight I probably shouldn't have kept closing to within 12" for the twin linked shoota +1 since in doing so I risked losing two bikes to three scorcha shots. Overall, a good example of how my "Boom and Zoom" tactic should work provided a little luck.

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