Friday, May 25, 2012

GorkaMorka Campaign Start-up Date

     As almost everyone has had a a chance to fine-tune their gangs by now I am setting a date to begin the campaign. Everybody needs to have a gang list submitted by 2JUN12, we will also be playing a round or two to kick things off on that date with games beginning at 1300hrs at my place, yes that is 1300hrs (I have things going on in the evening and we will be wrapping up play by 1800hrs).

     I will need a full roster sheet with your gang and vehicles before we begin play (have another copy for yourself). After each game I will need that you turn in a roster sheet for your gang reflecting events of that game (skrap recovered, wounds, dead, achievements etc). Unless your handwriting is exemplary please make use of the links to the printable ones. If I cannot easily read your roster I will interpret it a way most unfavorable to you! If anybody needs copies of the gang list or vehicle rosters I will be able to provide them. If you already have your gang set go ahead and post it in the comments section (for once I am ready ahead of schedule!).

     As a stand-in for the irrational god GorkaMorka I will award five teef to the first player to post his list, three teef to the second and one toof to the third. I will not be awarding anything to myself unless this goes two days with any lists being posted at which point I will award the five teef to myself and nobody else gets anything! No whining!

     I am going to be doing a little house-keeping in the "League Rules" in the next few days so take the time to read them after a week or so. I am thinking about allowing a "bail-out" option to gangs that drop below 75 teef or so in value. Just kicking that number around. maybe higher, maybe lower, I am not sure at this point. I know it is a pain to try to play a list that is significantly weaker than everybody else (been there, done that) but I don't want to make it too easy to just reset, that would reward bad judgement and penalize good players. Your thoughts on the points level are welcome as well.


  1. Can we forgo the extra teef for posting mobs? Particularly because Projekt Badass has already won for posting two weeks ago.

    Also have Tom and Paul committed? Or are they out?

  2. Well Dan, if you want to pass on the teef feel free. I am assuming that you will be using the mob that you posted earlier. If that is the case the five teef are yours to pass on.

    Paul and Tom are in last I spoke with Paul. I will touch base to be sure. Gary V seemed firm last I spoke with him.

    So we have;

    A goodly group, we will need to form some sort schedule for gaming and reporting so that I can stay ahead of this thing.

  3. Yeah, my mob is unchanged.

    Also, with regards to the mob "Bail Out" plan, it's probably not necessary. I've started over mid campaign before, and the benefits gained from the "'Ard Boyz Bonus" is pretty substantial in that, while you likely won't be winning the first few games, you'll be picking a lot of XP for facing mobs with higher mob ratings. That, and the slower advancement should prevent the large quality disparity we normally see late-campaign.

    [Sidenote] It just now occurred to me that, because of the way we've altered advancement, mob rating may no longer be an accurate reflection of mob quality. We may have to tweak that.

  4. Regarding your sidenote; you might be right, we may have to adjust the bonuses as higher-value mobs will not be as tough as they were before.

  5. First off, there is no chance I will have my models needed painted in time for the 2nd.

    No extra teef give-aways. No need to unbalance things for no reason.

    For the "bail out" I dont think we should be giving any money or bonuses to failing mobs beyond what the rules give. That said, we dont need people dropping out after one bad match and turning in another mob. That's stupid.

    Stop changing things! We dont need to alter the mob ratings/bonuses.

  6. Did we change advancement in any way? I don't remember doing that.

  7. "Did we change advancement in any way? I don't remember doing that."

    It was originally posted in the League Rules, but I copied and pasted it into the proposed changes post so all the explicit changes to Da Rulz and Da Uver Book would be consolidated in one place.

    Also, with regards to the advancement/ard boyz bonus thing I pointed out, the net effect is that mobs with lower mob ratings will get more teef than they otherwise would for facing mobs who's ratings have been inflated by XP gains. The only side effect I can see from it is mobs will "slingshot" to and from the underdog position more often, which is as much a feature as it is a bug.

  8. RUP; "Bail Out" as in jumping out of a burning plane, not as in bailing out a failed financial institution. If a mob is so beat down that it is unplayable we would allow the player to bail out of that train wreck and start a new mob from scratch.

    Just a thought. Don't sweat the paint-jobs.

  9. Hi Guys,
    I have the AB Gorkamorka files if you are interested. The one I have is 1.3b and not the one on the net 1.3. I spoke with the creator and he updated it. I have all the AB files you would need the installer, the run with out CD loader, and the AB files for GorkaMorka. If you would like them please drop me a line at noelvh AT gmail DOT COM.

  10. Hey, Honest Dan,

    Can you take a look at the stuff Wes is talking about? As you well know I am a dolt with computers so I wouldn't know if it any good or how to use it. If it is good (and I have no reason to doubt Wes) please be kind enough to set it up in a link in a sidebar.

    Thanks in advance, John

  11. Hi,
    Here is a link to a sample Army Builder printed roster.

  12. Just sent you an email Wes. Thanks again.