Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dark Memories of an Unhappy Past

     My Grotz Mob (Ver 1.3) gets roughly handled by the Slaver Orks.
     Sorry about the delay in getting this one posted.

     Some time ago I took my idea for a small band of "elite" Grotz (yes, that is an oxymoron, I now know) against Pat's Slaver Ork mob. Things went fine at first, but then the Orks got in range and, well let us say, provided me with new insights as to Mob construction. This caused me to entirely revamp my Mob.

the beginning, everything going OK so far (the Orks are out of range)

the Orks moved first and began collecting skrap

while their track tried thrusting around the corner

only to spin out

in the Grotz turn the cutta rolled majesticly into the center of the table

the Grotz on the deck laughed at the spun-out Ork
 (this levity did not last long)

one of the Boyz jumped out to begin collecting skrap

as the Truk moved on to the next pile

and the Trak sped past the cutta

a burst of fire dropped the insolent Snots that dared to challenge the Orks

an even more brazen one tried to challenge the Slaver

and promptly paid the price,
at this point I began to realize that things could go ugly pretty quick

the Grots deployed a firing-line to cover the skrap and shower the Truk with stikkbombs
(to little effect, mind you) 

the Slaver claims his first captive

as the Truk lines up to crush a Snot

the Snot dodged the Truk and found himself face-to-face with the Slaver

and the track closed to get a better firing arc (and run over the odd Grot or two on the way)

in a nearly unbelievable bit of the luck the Snot survived being run over by the truk
 and then managed to best the Slaver (but failed to wound him)

fire from the Grot Mob was heavy but not particularly damaging,
plus a full third ran out of ammo

at the end of the fourth turn the Snot was still battling the Slaver, of his buddies were out of ammo.
and the Orky laughter echoed across the valley

bored with all the shooting the track decided to run over a few Grotz,
he put three down

then the Nob and the second Slaver got out of the Truck and crushed two more Grotz,
it was bottle-out time

     I only had pone bit of skrap when my boys decided to skip town. I failed the roll to retain even this. Of my Grots/Snos engaged in the battle one was captured, three sustained significant injuries and one got off with a scratch. My Head Honcho tried lying about his "glorious victory" and paid the price for such foolishness. It was clearly time to try to draw some conclusions from this debacle.

Lessons Learned;
   1. You cannot make Grotz equal to Orks, they simply don't have the stats or the weapons to even try
   2. Don't be a dumbass and forget to use your armor saves, everyone of my Grotz were wearing armor and it completely slipped my mind, what a waste of teef!
   3. Only one vehicle won't work.
   4. Giving everybody stikkbombs was dumb
   5. I should have used the Grot special rules instead of trying to build a Mob to fight Orks toe-to-toe


  1. John,

    Sent you my Mob list. No sure if I did it right or not. Spent the weekend working on my upstairs. Got most of the wiring and lights up. Let me know what I need to fix. The mob is 8 guys, a wartrak and three bikes


  2. OK Gary, I will take a look, everybody is looking forward to starting this up. How did the IPMS show go? I would like to go to one as there is a lot of truly amazing talent out there and I find it inspirational to see that level of modelling skill.