Monday, May 21, 2012

Battle Report: Projekt Badass 2 v Free XP Weekend (AKA Mike's Diggas)

       Mike's digga mob didn't have a name (or, at least, one that I was made aware of prior to this writeup) so I made one up myself. Anyway this last weekend we played through some more test games, although this time the Elektrik Boogaloo squared off against some weedy diggas. 
Scenario was We Wuz 'Ere First, and the first turn was ceded to the diggas, who used it to inch towards the sweet, sweet scrap

Nob Shpeshal K speeds ahead (forgetting to thrust to the next piece of cover) while Ozone uses a rock cave as cover from da 'Eavy Shoota

Tuurrbo and Boogaloo Shrimp  move in on the digga bike with yoofs in tow...

And promptly miss/run out of ammo while causing no damage

The digga truk de-asses a yoof to pick up some scrap...

While providing some not so effective fire at the nob who forgot to thrust further
Tuurrbo and Boogaloo Shrimp get fed up with shooting and move in to ram the digga bike and run over the digga yoof
The Aftermath: Boogaloo Shrimp and the digga bike are immobilized and the digga yoof is flesh wounded after getting runt over (though he did cause one of my yoofs to run out of ammo in the shooting phase)
The digga truk moves up while Turrbo and Shpeshal K move in from behind. Boogaloo Shrimp (background) leaves his bike with a yoof while he goes in to passblock finish off the pinned digga
the digga truk turns to provide cover fire for the immobilized bike...
...and promptly runs out of ammo
Spanner Ozone finally turns the corner and lines up a shot....

....While the other still functioning bikes close in on the slow moving truk, wounding one of the yoofs in back and forcing the diggas to bottle out
The Aftermath: Not a whole lot of interesting things to report. The digga yoof that went out of action got a head wound, but neither side had to roll for permanent vehicle damage. Both sides made off with two scrap. I majorly screwed up my first move by leaving my nob sitting out in the open (for some reason I started moving another mini before continuing his thrust moves), but luckily it didn't have a major impact.

For those who are interested, there is another battle report incoming (in which I get worked by grots, not looking forward to the write up) but I still need to do some image editing to get people and faces out of the background (which is difficult since I'm currently without an image editor). Expect it mid to late this week (unless John posts it first).


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  2. Dan, I put up the pictures and some commentary on our battle, feel free to amend/add/edit it and then just publish it out of draft form

  3. The name of the Gang is "Digga Deepa". And apparently this site has attracted the attentions of some folks back in 'Blightey'
    ( )

  4. That is follower Flamekebab's site (I think) lots of cool stuff there.

  5. That is Flamekebab's site, or at least one he writes for.

  6. Yep, I write for The Unnamed Gorkamorka Site (tUGS), as do Mattzm, Skippy, Depiff, and some others. We're a bit busy with life and different projects at the moment (Depiff and myself are playing in a Necromunda campaign for example).

    If you don't want me to mention your stuff on tUGS for whatever reason, I won't. I hope we didn't overstep by posting your battle report :(.

  7. "If you don't want me to mention your stuff on tUGS for whatever reason, I won't. I hope we didn't overstep by posting your battle report :(."
    Absolutely not, please continue to plug our site to your heart's content.