Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Scenario: While You Wuz' Out

Yet another new scenario, although this time only oddmobs need apply (the kind of weedy folk that would have the nerve squat in a good, 'onest mob's fort). Now featuring licensing!

New Scenario: Mektown Nights

A city fight scenario I drew up for Gorkamorka. I've included a link to an example map and to the full sized scenario writeup at the bottom of the page for people who find the posted image difficult to read. 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dark Memories of an Unhappy Past

     My Grotz Mob (Ver 1.3) gets roughly handled by the Slaver Orks.
     Sorry about the delay in getting this one posted.

     Some time ago I took my idea for a small band of "elite" Grotz (yes, that is an oxymoron, I now know) against Pat's Slaver Ork mob. Things went fine at first, but then the Orks got in range and, well let us say, provided me with new insights as to Mob construction. This caused me to entirely revamp my Mob.

the beginning, everything going OK so far (the Orks are out of range)

Friday, May 25, 2012

GorkaMorka Campaign Start-up Date

     As almost everyone has had a a chance to fine-tune their gangs by now I am setting a date to begin the campaign. Everybody needs to have a gang list submitted by 2JUN12, we will also be playing a round or two to kick things off on that date with games beginning at 1300hrs at my place, yes that is 1300hrs (I have things going on in the evening and we will be wrapping up play by 1800hrs).

     I will need a full roster sheet with your gang and vehicles before we begin play (have another copy for yourself). After each game I will need that you turn in a roster sheet for your gang reflecting events of that game (skrap recovered, wounds, dead, achievements etc). Unless your handwriting is exemplary please make use of the links to the printable ones. If I cannot easily read your roster I will interpret it a way most unfavorable to you! If anybody needs copies of the gang list or vehicle rosters I will be able to provide them. If you already have your gang set go ahead and post it in the comments section (for once I am ready ahead of schedule!).

     As a stand-in for the irrational god GorkaMorka I will award five teef to the first player to post his list, three teef to the second and one toof to the third. I will not be awarding anything to myself unless this goes two days with any lists being posted at which point I will award the five teef to myself and nobody else gets anything! No whining!

     I am going to be doing a little house-keeping in the "League Rules" in the next few days so take the time to read them after a week or so. I am thinking about allowing a "bail-out" option to gangs that drop below 75 teef or so in value. Just kicking that number around. maybe higher, maybe lower, I am not sure at this point. I know it is a pain to try to play a list that is significantly weaker than everybody else (been there, done that) but I don't want to make it too easy to just reset, that would reward bad judgement and penalize good players. Your thoughts on the points level are welcome as well.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gathering Resources

Hey Everybody,

     I am looking for the ten ot twenty coolest GorkaMorka sites out there. Ones that have great ideas on rules, scratchbuilding and scenics ideas and other neat stuff. Submit your favorites in the comments section below and I will sort through them and post the best of them in the sidebar.

     There is a ton of stuff out there and I can't do this on my own (not enuf time), don't be shy about submitting your site if you think that it is up to a very Darwinian peer-review!

Heroes of the Revolooshun vs Projekt Badass II

     On the lonesome dusty plains of 'da Skid the Grots were on patrol seeking to bring back a worthy prize and gain the recognition of 'Da Kommitee. As luck would have it, as soon as they spied a likely-looking pile of skrap a band of Orks showed up, and not just any Orks, it was the dreaded Elektrik Boogaloo.

      One of the fastest, meanest and Orkiest band of greenies you would ever meet. A ripple of concern moved through the ranks of the Grotz. These Orks rode the shiniest, fastest and shootiest bikes that you could find and there they stood, Da 'Eroes uv'da Revolooshun, without even a Splattapult to their name.

     At that silent moment, as the tiniest kernel of fear began to form in their Grotty little hearts, as a faint whisper of doubt began to seep into their limited consciousness the Head Honcho leaped up onto the figurehead of the Sand Skate and shouted out, "We Wuz 'Ere Furst!". Startled from their doubts the Grotz screamed in reply "We'ze Green Too! Tags fur All!". The Snots, anxious to earn a place in the esteemed ranks of Grottiness, bent their backs with a will to the crank handles and the Sand Skate leaped forward.

       In what was probably  luckiest streak of die rolling in my life (ably assisted but the worst streak in the Electrik Boogaloo's existence) my Grot Mob trounced the Orky Bikers and managed to capture their Nob. I do not expect to repeat this sort of thing over the span of the campaign so you will have to allow me some gloating space.

I was so excited by my new cuttas that I used them before they even got a coat of paint

Monday, May 21, 2012

Battle Report: Projekt Badass 2 v Free XP Weekend (AKA Mike's Diggas)

       Mike's digga mob didn't have a name (or, at least, one that I was made aware of prior to this writeup) so I made one up myself. Anyway this last weekend we played through some more test games, although this time the Elektrik Boogaloo squared off against some weedy diggas. 
Scenario was We Wuz 'Ere First, and the first turn was ceded to the diggas, who used it to inch towards the sweet, sweet scrap

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Meanwhile, far away on the polar ice cap.......

     The Great Grot Overlord plots his revenge;

his secret lair in the icy wastelands far to the north

Skrap counters

     Not content with the usual skrap counters I knocked these up out of bits of an old, unused snap-tite  Space Shuttle payload. I think they look OK, perhaps a little more paint.

MINE!   All mine!

Oops, I did it again

     While waiting for the sanding sealer to dry on the new cutta I was sitting around doing nothing much. I began poking through the remaining pile of "useful bits" and a few minutes later I was looking at this little baby;

still needs a sail and some details

Friday, May 18, 2012

Scratchbuilding a 'Cutta

     With the chances of getting a real GW  'cutta at almost exactly zero I have once again decided to scratchbuild one (ebay has one badly built Big Lugga for almost $100USD and no cuttas at all). I had decided to strictly limit myself as far as size goes (I already have two rather large ones) and aimed for a normal crew of two to four Grotz. This would ,it was hoped, give me an incentive to keep the platform small.
I got out "box 'o stuff" and started poking aroung in it looking for things that might belong on a 'cutta (I fancied that this was the method that the Grot "mechs would use) and came up with a pile of useful looking things.

Next I consulted with the "user group" to see what features they desired in the final product.
Frankly they were less than helpful but I garnered some impression of what it was they
were looking for. Thus edified I sketched out an idea in my head.

  I grabbed a couple of bits of wood and set the frame together. At first the Head Honcho was unconfortable with the diminutive size of the vehicle but he came 'round
(after I pointed out that he wouldn't be riding in it!).

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Grot Mob Reconsidered

     In light of the results of the last few games (and considering that my forces were organized illegally) I have reconsidered my Grot Mob. As reader flamekebob pointed out the strength of Grots is numbers and, in light of the failure of my effort to make Grots "Orky" , I have decided to go the "buying in bulk" route.

Presented for your consideration, the new and improved Grot Mob;

Head Honcho; shoota, krak grenade.....13teef
Banna Waver; Kannon, krak grenade....12 "
7X Grots; six-shoota, choppa...5ea.......35  "
7X Snots; crossbow........2ea................14 "
Big Lugga..............................................15 "
Splattapult for Big Lugga.........................8 "
2X Cuttas.....5ea...................................10 "

This gives me sixteen troops on the ground and three vehicles a very different Mob from the last outing.


Monday, May 14, 2012

Battle Report: Project Badass 2 v Scorcha Boyz

Last weekend we ran a few test games to see how well our mobs worked. I ended up playing John to beta test "While You Wuz Out" and Kris in "We Wuz 'Ere First".

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Da 'Eroes uv da Revolooshun Konkur All!!!!

After back-to-back victories my doughty warriors pose for a group shot on Lookout Mountain (so named bekuz ya hafta lookout for folks falling off da top). Revel in their power!!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Makin' MekTown

     Honest Dan came by a few weeks ago with his foamcore, hot glue gun and a Plan. We were going to build Mektown. It seemed like an easy enough task (let us face it, Ork architechture is hardly detailed and symmetric) so I agreed. What a fool I was, building it was the EASY part, painting it was another matter entirely. So, after several Saturdays spent laboring over this, we are finally done.

      I present to you, MekTown!

Dan made a copy of the Fort from the original game

Monday, May 7, 2012

Proposed Additional Rules and Changes

I'm creating this post to make public some of the assumed rule changes and omissions we've come up with in past GoMo campaigns as well as an open forum for discussing clarifications and possible additions. Most of this isn't set in stone and subject to approval, so please comment and add your own thoughts on what you think needs to be changed. Edited to add: I forgot to say I will update this post as things are either declined or accepted and I will add your suggestions to the relevant sections.
[Edited 5/20/2012] As of now it is my understanding that the listings here have all been agreed upon and confirmed with some specific exceptions (gubbinz prices are still subject to change, since I don't think anybody noticed when I edited to add them last week). Also, I've linked this to the sidebar since it's about to get buried. 

My Grot Mob Part II

     After a lot of thought (OK, actually just on a whim) I decided to redesign my mob. I decided to move away from the firepower based mob of the last campaign (largely because they got their butts kicked on every outing) and go with a more evenly balanced force. This also allows me to reduce the number of figures in my mob (believe it or not running sixteen or more figures can get a bit harried during a game). So here we go, better-balanced and new and improved,

The Grot Mob;

Head Honcho;
Shoota, two choppas, krak grenade, flak armor............17
Banna Waver:
Shoota, two choppas, krak grenade, flak armor.... .......15
'Da Drivva:
slugger, choppa, flak armor, frag grenade......................10
'Eroes 'uv 'Da Revolushun (five 'uv 'em): @9ea
slugger,  choppa, frag grenade, studded armor..............45
'Dem Proles (four 'uv 'em): @2ea
'Da Big Cutta..............................................................5

     I had to go with just one cutta (and thus I am forced to use "Da Big'un"; the cursed Sand Snake) to make it work, although I might just drop one Grot in favor of another cutta and two more Proles. Your helpful suggestions are welcome, the endless razzing for choosing Grots is, of course, expected.

     Feel free to post your mob in the comments section, or send it to me via email and I will post it as an article (it would be even better if you sent photos as well).

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

GorkaMOrka rules

The Free Rules can be gotten here the Digganob rules have not been released yet but I have an old copy that I will make available.

I can't beleive that it took this long for me to post a a link.

Thanks Gary; here is a clickable link to the Mektown site.